Matt`s Conversion



The drinking had gone on for twelve long years until one faith filled Saturday for Matt Talbot, a day on which the pattern of his life was suddenly, utterly changed. During one week in September 1884 he and his brothers Phil and Joe had been out of work and had spent the time drinking, now they were out of money and out of drink. They decided to wait outside O'Meara's pub in the hope that one of their fellow workers would buy them a drink. Matt was always very generous and would often buy a drink for someone if they were short of money, but to his dismay, they all passed by, with hardly as much as a good day. Matt was cut to the heart. He left his brothers Phil and Joe and began walking home towards Newcomen Bridge and there on the bridge something extraordinary happened, for the first time in his life Matt realised what a fool he had been, a man of twenty eight years of age with nothing to show for his life but the pain and suffering of addiction. What a waste of life. Matt was determined to change. He returned home to be greeted by his mother who expressed her surprise at seeing Matt home so early and still sober. She was still more surprised when Matt announced that he was going to Holy Cross College to take the pledge, could Elizabeth dare to hope that this was the conversion she had prayed and longed for so many years. Matt's mother, rather incredulous, told him not to take the pledge unless he meant to keep it, and with tears welling up as he left the house she softly said 'God give you the strength to keep the pledge'.